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Inflation ausbremsen

Inflation ausbremsen

ISBN (Taschenbuch): 978-3-347-52142-1

ISBN (Hardcover): 978-3-347-52147-6

ISBN (E-book): 978-3-347-52148-3

Publisher: tredition

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You are worried because of the high inflation? You want to learn about methods how to immunize yourself against it to a certain degree? You also want to learn how to make ends meet better in general? In this case, this book is the perfect choice for you!

This book deals with two essential points: First, the question of what the real reasons are for the fact that daily life is constantly becoming more expensive. It then deals with how you can react to this and develop your individual strategy for confidently dealing with rising prices.


As a Freizeitpionier, Thomas Sailer sees money as a tool. A tool that is very essential in our society. It is therefore important for him to know how to use this tool correctly. Sailer knows how to get a lot of purchasing power out of comparatively little money. He thus has an essential prerequisite for writing a book like "Inflation ausbremsen"

With this book, he is primarily aimed at readers who do not want to constantly deal with forms of investment, but still want to make sure that their money is safe.

The Origin

As early as mid-2021, Thomas Sailer had the idea of dealing with the topic of "inflation" in a book. A few months later, in mid-October 2021, due to inflation developments, he decided that this issue must be dealt with in a timely manner. The writing lasted from October to December 2021. The book was published in January 2022.

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